A "real" florist with a "real" shop

Do you want to shop with confidence and know there is actually a real florist with a real physical address rather than an implied address/s that only exists on the Web? 

If you want the security of knowing you can speak to the professional florist who will be in charge of creating your flower order and ensuring delivery in The Entrance or on the Central Coast then you need Pavalyn. 

Why risk spending your money with a florist that doesn't exist (only has an web presence) and therefore provides no genuine guarantee.

Our team at Pavalyn have been loving work even more than usual in recent weeks and it's all because of our new rose grower. With each passing day these stunning roses become more gorgeous as they open to their full potential and their perfume is sensational. Perfumed roses are not always easy to find in commercial quantities but these have been well worth the search and for our brides they are heaven 'scent'. 

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